It all began with two sisters who had a dream. A dream of providing a quiet alcove where friends could meet to play games or to chat or maybe even curl up in one of the nooks to read a book. Countless hours were poured into learning the coffee trade, like how to find the perfect bean, and the importance of brewing coffee with the correct amount of humidity and water temperature. 
Rose is a mother to one girl and four boys who enjoys sewing and spending time with her family. 
Lena, the Office Manager of a steel company, spends any free time at the beach or traveling with friends. 
They are both very passionate about coffee and strive to create a top-quality experience for everyone who walks through the doors of RoseLen's Coffees and Delights. 


RoseLen's mission is to create an atmosphere that promotes: relaxation, rejuvenation and comfort in an ever changing, demanding world, while operating a business committed to having a positive impact on the lives of every guest that steps inside our door, all in the honor and Glory of God. 

It all began with two sisters...

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Our Mission Statement...