ice cream menu

Cake Cone 

soft serve



Ice Cream Cakes

(Small, Medium & large Cake)


Ice cream Drinks 

Caramelate Parfait


Snow Storm 


Waffle Cone

-Black Cherry
-Black Raspberry
-Butter Pecan 
-Cotton Candy
-Creme de Menthe

-Butter Finger
-Cheesecake Chunks
-Cookie Dough
-Peanut Butter Cups 
-Yogurt Pearls 

-Milk Shake (Choice of 1 flavor)
-Root Beer Float 
-Caramel Coffee Float 
-Chiller (See 'Coffee's & Drinks' for more info) 

Caramel Ice Cream, Cheesecake Chunks, Pecans & Hot Fudge 

-Brownie Sundae 
-Peanut Butter Blast 
-Strawberry Cheesecake 
-White Chocolate Blueberry Cheescake 

-Hot Fudge
-Peanut Butter
-White Chocolate

-German Chocolate Cake
-Maple Nut
-Peanut Butter
-Pina Colada
-Pistachio Nut 
-Root Beer
-Tutti Frutti 

-Cone (Choice of 1 flavor) 
-Waffle Cone (Choice of 1 flavor) 
-Cup (Choice of 1 flavor)
-Sundae (Choice of 1 topping)
-Snow Storm (Choice of 1 topping) 
-Quart (Choice of 1 flavor)
-Turtle Sundae 
-Brownie Sundae 
-Tropical Nut Sundae 
-Banana Split 
-Caramelate Parfait 
-Cookie a la Mode
-Slice of Ice Cream Cake 

On our Menu for over 10 years! 

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