Whether you're craving sweets, on a coffee date, or looking for some peace and quiet, Roselens is here to serve you. 

RoseLen's mission is to create an atmosphere that promotes: relaxation, rejuvenation and comfort in an ever changing, demanding world, while operating a business committed to having a positive impact on the lives of every guest that steps inside our door, all in the honor and Glory of God. 

Roselen's mission statement


"Fantastic location...! Awesome coffee and delicious food. A must for anyone from the area heading to work, mom's morning out or for anyone just passing through that wants a great cup of hot coffee and wonderful eats. Thanks gals for putting up with this southerner for a week while we were helping at The Great Pumpkin Patch. See you next time we are in town."-John Fulton

"This is my favorite local coffee shop! Great staff. So many different types of lattes to choose from. Their are new renovated area is wonderful for studying, meeting friends for coffee or lunch"- Emily Coblentz Gingerich 

"In the middle of the Amish country there is a beautiful (inside) coffee shop. They have a great menu of hot and cold drinks. I had a Chiller...pretty darned good. They have expanded their seats with a new back room so you can enjoy your drink in quiet." -Ivan Wright 

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