9 Tips & Facts about your coffee
1. Don’t refrigerate/freeze your coffee because it ruins the oils (flavor) on the beans. Keep in airtight container instead to prevent oxygen from getting in and preserve moisture.

2. Buy a coffee maker with a flat basket instead of a cone shape basket. The coffee grounds pile to the bottom causing the water to distribute unevenly, which could either over extract or under extract the coffee grounds making your coffee bitter.

3. Coffee is 90% water. If your water is terrible, your coffee probably will be too.

4. Keep your coffee maker cleaned regularly. Not cleaning it could cause the residue to interfere with the flavor of the next batch.

5. Never re-heat coffee because it will lose quality, flavor and become bitter.

6. Don’t let your coffee pot sitting on the heating pad because the longer it sits the more bitter it will become. Instead, put your coffee in an insulated coffee pitcher.

7. When putting your coffee grounds into your basket, shake it until the grounds are even because a coffee maker actually sprays water. Shaking the grounds evenly will make the flavor much more consistent! 

8. If you don’t put in enough coffee grounds it makes it bitter not better. Coffee only has so much flavor to give, once it can’t squeeze any more it will become bitter.

9. Lastly, always buy coffee at RoseLen's. 😊 We only use the highest quality, and we put  care into grinding, brewing and serving knowing you deserve only the best


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